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5 Crowdsource Review Platforms You Should Know About!

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5 Crowdsource Review Platforms You Should Know About! As a business owner, crowdsource review platforms are a must! You need them for various reasons such as increasing your visibility to expand your reach, gaining new customers, and building credibility. The buzzword was coined in the mid-2000s in Wired Magazine by author Jeff Howe although the […]

4 Best Industries to Start Your Business

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Anyone can start a business. If you have a profitable idea and access to internet, you can get your business up and running easily. Starting a business is simple. Making a profit is another subject entirely. The market is saturated with would-be business people. Anyone can launch a website and start selling a product. Without [...]

Why your Business Needs to Focus on Sustainable Practices

Understanding your consumer is key to turning a lead into a conversion. Therefore, it’s important that you are in the conversation. To be in the conversation, you have to know what they’re talking about. Consumers focus on many different social and environmental subjects. The internet offers information on everything you could think of. One of [...]

The Amazon Price Check Algorithm, More Harm Than Good?

For the customer, the price is always a big factor when it comes to shopping. It is especially important for Walmart and Amazon customers. They are shopping from the two largest retailers because they advertise the lowest prices available on products. Consumer Packaged Goods (CGP) are starting to take a hit, though, with a price […]

How Do Sellers on Online Giants Actually Sell?

When it comes to the Online Giants like Amazon, sellers’ have one big concern. That is, how are they going to get their product in the hands of the consumer? Online retailers are swamped with hundreds of millions of products and millions of sellers. It’s no wonder that smaller manufacturers feel overwhelmed in the pool of sellers. […]

Future of Social Media

Social media sites are used by a majority of the American population. Currently 73% of the public use one or more of the top ten sites frequently. That is nearly everyone, and may go up to 90% in just a few short years. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, there’s a myriad of […]