A dream of many small businesses is to sell their products through Walmart. Unfortunately, many businesses never realize the dream. Many potential vendors do not know about the supplier application process or its requirements.  In this process, products are evaluated by Walmart. If accepted, products are placed in stores or online.  In this way, a tiny business can turn into a major brand with the backing of Walmart.

Being a Walmart supplier differs from being a Marketplace retailer. At a glance, the process appears to be the same.  However, it is important to know the difference.  A Marketplace retailer sells its product through Walmart’s online marketplace. Retailers fulfill orders themselves.  In short, Marketplace retailers are responsible for their products and orders.

On the other hand, Walmart buys the product from a Walmart supplier.  Vendors are suppliers of products that Walmart will sell. Walmart will place merchandise online and in its stores once a purchase order is arranged. Walmart will be the actual reseller.

How to become a supplier for Walmart?

Walmart Supplier Application Process- 4 Important Steps

  1. Submit the Product
  2. Application ID Number
  3. Invitation to the Supplier Questionnaire
  4. Review the Supplier Agreement

Step 1

Submit the Product

A brand needs to submit a product to Walmart for consideration. A brand needs to make sure that they include all the necessary information with the submission.  First, a company needs to submit all contact information. They should include the company’s name, physical address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Second, the company provides its Federal Taxpayer ID number. It must match the company information that has been previously sent in.  Also, other details may be required in the application.

A brand should include all the product details.  Details include product dimensions and the materials used. The purpose of the product is also important. In the application, a brand should also include other important product information for Walmart’s consideration. Also, a picture that is less than 512KB needs to accompany the submission.

Finally, A GTIN (14 digits globally unique number)/UPC Number (Universal Product Number) should be included.

Step 2

Application ID Number

First, Walmart reviews the application. Then, an e-mail is sent with an application ID number. A brand needs to retain the ID number. The number will be needed if there are questions.

Step 3

Invitation to the Supplier Questionnaire

If Walmart likes what they see, the next step in the process is submitting a completed supplier questionnaire.  The questionnaire requires detailed supplier information.  Walmart wants to understand with whom they are doing business. The following information is required even if it has been previously submitted:

  1. The Federal Tax ID Number
  2. The product’s GTIN/UPC number
  3. The Dun & Bradstreet Number to be used as an identifier
  4. The Company’s information
  5. The ethnic origin of the company
  6. Manufacturing locations
  7. Sales and Accounts that the brand has
  8. All of the contacts for the company and their information
  9. Company references

After the questionnaire has been filled out, the company should register with Walmart’s Dun & Bradstreet portal.  Lastly, the company needs to fill out Walmart’s Registration Program and pay the registration fee.  Currently, the U.S. based Walmart supplier’s fee is $125.00.

Step 4

Review the Supplier Agreement                                                  

Walmart reviews the questionnaire and product submission. If approved, the Supplier Agreement is issued.  The Agreement includes purchase order information, payment terms, and other conditions.  The vendor must meet the terms described in the Supplier Agreement. Therefore, it should be thoroughly reviewed. Then, the vendor should sign and submit the Agreement.

Retail Link® Access

Finally, the seller will have full access to Walmart’s Retail Link®.  Retail Link® provides brands with tools to manage their inventory with Walmart. It enables them to run an efficient and profitable operation.

Congratulations! You are now a qualified Walmart Supplier!

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