EKG is a successful content marketing strategist. We research your target audience and plan our efforts accordingly. Once we have identified your audience, we analyze their behavior. We use multiple different channels to do so, whether it is through social media, blogs or e-mail tactics. We curate the perfect content for your brand by telling your story in your unique voice. Content marketing is a unique type of marketing that describes a brand or service in an authentic and transparent way. This marketing technique is used to inform the consumer with written content and product visuals. It is not intended to distract the consumer, and in this day and age the customer wants as much information as possible. Customers can research anything, so you want to be their point of reference for that information. Providing the right kind of content for potential customers characterizes your brand and company as a leader in your industry. EKG can and will create a content campaign that does exactly that. Customers read descriptions to gain information about products. The best content does more than provide information. It convinces the consumer that they need the product. We know how to target a market and find which platforms work best to distribute. Once we’ve focused on our audience, we create content specifically for them.

EKG also knows how to write emotionally engaging content that converts readers into loyal customers. Content needs to be fresh and exciting! This is essential to increase organic SEO. Consistent content updates help optimize social media efforts. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are always changing their algorithms, therefore it is important to stay active with daily content. That way, your brand will always have new stories to tell and products to describe.

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