Walmart sellers have access to the all-encompassing tool Retail Link®, a comprehensive system that helps predict buyer’s patterns, anticipate future needs, and stay up-to-date with inventory management. The massive amount of data available gives you all the information you need to better optimize your business’s performance. Sellers can manage inventory, predict product popularity and assess seasonal needs. They can understand their consumers by using the available data. Knowing Walmart’s lingo and retail math also helps when analyzing curated data. EKG has years of experience working with Walmart and understands exactly how to translate their data into workable, efficient strategies for your business.

We use their data mining information to understand buying patterns, predict customer needs and maximize profits. We can create custom reports and models that will benefit your business. Understanding what your consumer needs before they do is the path to success. Using Walmart’s Retail Link®, data predictions can be made based on weather, political climate, stock market stability, and even the housing market. This tool allows sellers to manage their inventory, supply chain and investment gap. EKG creates marketing plans that will ensure your business is always relevant and available for its consumers. Positive consumer experience is essential to building a loyal customer base. We will analyze all the data provided by Walmart’s systems and optimize all your sales processes. Ensuring an in-stock product is one of the top ways to provide excellent customer service.

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