Sometimes it is not enough to be the only spokesperson for your own company or brand. You need others to help promote it for you. EKG creates specific influencer programs for your brand. We find the big names in social media and reach out to them to become your brand ambassadors. User generated content is an incredibly successful marketing tool and when your company has a large pool of influencers that create content for you it creates authenticity for your brand. Shoppers are more likely to trust established social media personalities who they already follow. Capitalizing on the following of influencers within your market can bring needed brand awareness and bolster your product sales.

EKG profiles your targeted customer and using that information searches for influencers who most defines your audience. We focus on each and every social media platform that would best benefit your product before creating a list of potential influencers to contact. We check every piece of data we can. We verify whether their followers and engagement are authentic and whether or not they fit the voice of your brand. Once we have created the list, we then help you decide the goals that you want to reach with these influencers. We craft a message that specifically adheres to your brand message and send it out to each prospective influencer. Keeping your goal in mind, we contact them and offer the product or a sample which they can then promote to their followers.  EKG does not just send out mass messages. We personalize each one to make sure that influencers respond back with an interest in your product and brand.

Influencers already have a strong following that is interested in what they have to say. If they are promoting a product, then their followers will likely wish to purchase it because they have established a fan base which trusts their opinion. We understand how engagement and interaction drives an increase in sales. The EKG team does not stop at contacting. We continue to optimize our influencer program by verifying the results of each and every post that is created. If the engagement rate or sales do not reach the goals that we set, we will try a different influencer or another strategy. We analyze everything from the impressions, reach and engagement to the click-through rate and sales. We maintain the conversation and relationship so that these influencers continue to create content that we can then share as well. Every product is different and so every influencer marketing strategy is different. We stay engaged with influencers even after a campaign is completed so that we can always reach out again when another campaign begins. After every campaign we measure the results with your target goals and optimize future plans in accordance with our data findings. EKG is always evolving to best reach your consumer.

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