selling online

Selling Your Products Online

Eighteen Knowledge Group has all the tools to get you started. If your dream is to get your products on Amazon, all the other retail giants, we can help.
pricing strategy

Pricing Strategy

Eighteen Knowledge Group is your team of pricing and promotions specialists. We understand the importance of pricing strategies.
promotions mix

Promotions Mix

Even the best products do not sell themselves. Promoting your brand and business is all about offering the right information to your potential customer.
omnichannel management

Omnichannel Management

Achieving success both In Stores and Online requires planning. We look at inventory storage so that we can perfect inventory management.
storage shelves aka Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) will partner with your business to establish solutions that will meet your brand’s needs.


Virtual access allows anyone to find your business. Customers who would otherwise be unaware of your company can search online and find you.


EKG is a leading expert in streamlining client stock goals on Walmart accounts. Get access to endless data for your business with the help of EKG.
Walmart retail link website login scren

Walmart Retail Link

Walmart sellers have access to the all-encompassing tool Retail Link®, a comprehensive system that helps predict buyer’s patterns.
seller scorecard

Walmart Seller Scorecard

Walmart provides Sellers with a Scorecard, which allows you to see how your business ranks in comparison to others in the marketplace.
amazon pricing strategy


It would be impossible to sell online without considering the massive ecommerce marketplace that is Amazon.


Wayfair is one of the largest furniture ecommerce retailers. EKG can help you on-board your products to Wayfair’s marketplace

“Help Brands Who Have Complex Marketing and Operation Needs Maximize ROI on Wholesale and Retail Strategies.”

Online Sales

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is a team of hard working specialists. We know the ins and outs of online sales. We are experts in all the techniques necessary to get your products into the hands of your consumers. We offer an array of services backed by our years of experience and excellence. If you need help transitioning your business online, we can help. We build your Sales Operations Strategy. We optimize all processes to enable more efficient and faster sales. We oversee everything from new product on-boarding, cost management and promotion mix to daily retail partner relationship management. We can help you sell your products on such retailers as Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair and other retail giants. We have all the tools to get you started. Our team manages all facets of sales operations to get you the results you want. We increase site traffic, interest and brand loyalty all to generate sales and build community. EKG is here to fulfill your needs through the parameters you set in accordance to our extensive industry knowledge and expertise. We have a team of top-notch Sales Experts, Data Mining Analysts, Content Marketing Gurus and positive support teams. Each of us understands the essential roles required throughout all sales operations and channels. We are the liaison between all retailer teams. We foster and create dedicated relationships with the buying teams.

Professional connections

To get your product on the shelves of retailers, we build personal connections with buyers to cultivate trust for a strong bond that secures long-term contact. Using this connection and our understanding of all the different retailer operations, we analyze data, make all necessary updates and improve your overall visibility. Our team of Data and Content Specialists take on the load for you by on-boarding items across all the online systems of Big Box Retailers. We know how to navigate the maze of each system and how to optimize your products from initial on-boarding to live on-site. Whether it’s through Walmart’s marketplace or Amazon’s Vendor Central, EKG knows the ins and outs and will help make each step super efficient. EKG helps with Forecast Building and Management. We optimize for the most efficient supply chain. Using the data supplied from key sales and inventory data, we identify patterns for future product demand and other logistics. Our team helps you make the right decisions through management insights and analysis of trends and patterns for the best future outcomes. We are the solution to all of your back-end logistics issues as well as the optimization experts of the front-end, customer facing data. If you’re already selling online, our team can add extra value to your current operations and marketing teams. We can increase your efficiency so you can be at the head of the pack and a leader of your industry.

Data Analytics

EKG is your all-inclusive sales operations team. We tailor the perfect strategy for your product and company utilizing only the best techniques combined with data analytics. We are constantly on top of data, trends and techniques to maximize conversions and profits online. No one will be aware of your product if you do not make it visible to the people out there searching for it. That’s why ecommerce is so critical to your business. Your potential customers are already out there on the internet. If you are not where they are, you will lose sales to more digitally savvy competitors. Selling online puts you and your business where it needs to be. Whether your business has a brick-and-mortar store, or you are exclusively an online retailer, the importance of an ecommerce strategy cannot be overstated. Most shoppers believe they will find a better deal online than in-store. Therefore, having your product online will give your customers more channels to shop your products.

Meet Our Experts


Sharon Shichor

Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Shichor is the Founder and CEO of EKG.

Idit Bernstein

Creative Analytics Manager
Idit Bernstein is EKG’s Creative Analytics Manager.

Joe Hopper

Creative Insparation
Joe Hopper is EKG's Creative Inspiration.
Shay Ohayon SEO

Shay Ohayon

SEO Specialist
Shay Ohayon is EKG’s SEO Guru