It would be impossible to sell online without considering the massive ecommerce marketplace that is Amazon. Leveraging Amazon’s brand and selling on the marketplace will bring your product and business more awareness. Their loyal consumer base will more likely purchase your product under the Amazon logo. They offer the most competitive pricing in comparison to any other retailer due to their unmatched pricing strategy. Amazon also offers more sales channels and detailed analytics. This includes sales data, operational metrics, traffic and geographical sales analysis. Your business will have all the details necessary to enhance your sales.

We have the key to Amazon’s vendor program. EKG has nurtured a long-standing relationship with Amazon buyers. We know exactly how to get your product onto the marketplace in the smoothest way possible. Once we smooth out all of the logistics, we will take care of everything from on-boarding to optimizing your seller page. EKG will take advantage of Amazon’s organic customer search and make sure your products are always at the forefront. We will craft the best product and feature descriptions that will drive sales. We make sure your images are always the best they can be and check frequently for any changes. We take care of all product management processes, including keyword lists to put your products in front of your customers. Using Amazon analytics, we propose pricing strategies and promotions that will give you an edge against the competition. With such a competitive marketplace as Amazon, your product needs to stand out or else your customer won’t buy it. We can make sure that we show them how good your product is through all the attention to detail.

Your products will be given the star treatment. We design and optimize A+ pages which offer even more information and insight to the consumer. These pages maximize conversion rates due to the detailed focus on the product. EKG uses all Amazon’s data to best attract your customer. We check reviews for any possible issues that can be We check through all reports daily and see where we can improve on items, whether that’s through descriptions, titles, features or images. We are very detailed oriented and check everything as carefully as possible to make sure your product has the best page possible.

We customize Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns to bring you the best results. PPC campaigns can increase inventory, sales and your organic rankings. We understand the best practices that will achieve the biggest and best conversion rates. EKG compiles a list of keywords that will promote your brand and product. We collaborate with you to get the most out of your budget and capitalize on the returns. You’ll see a huge increase in your sales and investments. EKG has vast experience dealing with Amazon ad campaigns and we use that experience for you.

EKG can navigate all of Amazon’s data to create a campaign with merchandising features and promotions. We will get you through the complicated process of being a Vendor Central Vendor. EKG will keep you up-to-date on all your sales reports and make the necessary changes to keep your business at the top. We want to help you to succeed and we will make all your processes across every channel as efficient as possible. Our team of dedicated Amazon experts makes your company and brand the top priority.

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