The Silver Lining of the Pandemic: Wayfair Stocks Surge

The pandemic has left a trail of stores having to readjust their approach in reaching consumers. Many brands have shifted their brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce platforms to keep up with the demand and meet the expectations of having items readily available and accessible online. Niche brands from athleisure to wine, books, and furniture, have been able […]

Benefits of Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon vendor central for businesses

Amazon’s Vendor Central is an all-inclusive platform for suppliers to manage sales and products to hundreds of millions of customers. Vendor Central handles process from beginning to end from buying and storing inventory to shipping and handling. Being an Amazon vendor is a prestige title with it being invite only. Looking further into Amazon Vendor […]

The Evolution of Wayfair: What’s Next?

Blue Wayfair couch sitting next to a plant may have gone public in 2014, but the furniture empire was created 15 years prior by college roommates Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. The evolution of Wayfair has resulted in it becoming a one-stop-shop in the U.S. home goods market with a vast selection of products. Home furnishings are sold not just through but through five branded sister sites as well. Customers benefit from the low prices and free shipping that seems to be the norm with online shopping. What is next for a niche e-commerce store such as Wayfair?

Amazon Pricing Strategy and the Pressure on Competitors

hand trading cash for product
At one point or another you have made an Amazon purchase. The Amazon pricing strategy is what keeps people purchasing. Whatever you were looking for whether it was apparel, toiletries, or electronics, Amazon has it. With the click of a button customers buy exactly what they want a discounted price. Let’s not forget Prime members eligibility for free shipping [...]

Walmart Retail Link System Talks to Suppliers Through Data

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Contents The Importance of Growth Through Retail Link® Retail Link® Shows More Than Just What Was Sold It is an all-encompassing tool that provides sellers with all the data to be successful. However, with all of that information comes responsibility. Since Walmart’s Retail Link® System is so comprehensive, Walmart holds its suppliers accountable for managing [...]

What is the Supplier Performance Scorecard from Walmart?

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Contents Link Between Retail Link and Scorecard Supplier Scorecards Give Benchmark to Brands Scorecard takes on Sustainability Walmart tells its suppliers what they expect. Therefore, Walmart provides many tools and resources to help suppliers thrive. One such tool is the Supplier Performance Scorecard from Walmart. The scorecard gives data a Walmart supplier can use to [...]

Selling Through Walmart: How To become A Supplier For Walmart

How to become a supplier for Walmart 4 steps

A dream of many small businesses is to sell their products through Walmart. Unfortunately, many businesses never realize the dream. Many potential vendors do not know about the supplier application process or its requirements.  In this process, products are evaluated by Walmart. If accepted, products are placed in stores or online.  In this way, a tiny business can turn into a major […]

Walmart’s Retail Link® Point-Of-Sale Data

Person sitting in an office working on pos experience software
Contents Predicting Buying Patterns and Trends Which Products are Selling? Seasonal Product Activity Keeping the Shelves Stocked – Managing Inventory Staying Competitive A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer Anticipating the Customer’s Need Increasing Brand Awareness Walmart’s Retail Link® is a comprehensive tool used to pull Point-Of-Sale (POS) data. This data has many uses for retailers who [...]


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Contents RETAIL LINK’S HISTORY RETAIL LINK® AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT RETAIL LINK’S DATA MINING RETAIL LINK AND CONSUMERS As Walmart sellers, it is important to use Point of Sale (POS) and inventory data to establish effective business plans. Walmart's Retail Link® is the answer to collecting that data and interpreting it. Sellers can manage inventory, predict [...]