5 Crowdsource Review Platforms You Should Know About!

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5 Crowdsource Review Platforms You Should Know About! As a business owner, crowdsource review platforms are a must! You need them for various reasons such as increasing your visibility to expand your reach, gaining new customers, and building credibility. The buzzword was coined in the mid-2000s in Wired Magazine by author Jeff Howe although the […]

How Cause-Driven Marketing Appeals to the Younger Generation

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In the ever changing market and behavior of consumers, expert marketers continuously evolve to reach all generations.  The millennial generation is a target market worth looking into. They represent a considerable market share of $200 billion annually. They are willing to spend as long as you know how to get their attention and win them […]

Is it Time to Leave China

China has experienced rapid economic and social development over the last four decades. The GDP growth has averaged 10 percent per year. This economic boom in manufacturing has lifted a significant number of China’s 1.4 billion inhabitants out of poverty, but it has seriously impacted the environment. Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of […]

Selling Your Products Online

So you’ve created a great product. Now it’s time to get that product to a bigger audience. The world of online sales can be your oyster. While there are ways to set up your own shop online, but why not look for a bigger alliance and become a vendor with an online sales giant? Of […]

Benefits of Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon vendor central for businesses

Amazon’s Vendor Central is an all-inclusive platform for suppliers to manage sales and products to hundreds of millions of customers. Vendor Central handles process from beginning to end from buying and storing inventory to shipping and handling. Being an Amazon vendor is a prestige title with it being invite only. Looking further into Amazon Vendor […]

The Evolution of Wayfair: What’s Next?

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Wayfair.com may have went public in 2014, but the furniture empire was created 15 years prior by college roommates Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. The evolution of Wayfair has resulted in it becoming a one stop shop in the U.S. home goods market with a vast selection of products. Home furnishings are sold not just through Wayfair.com but through five branded sister sites as well. Customers benefit from the low prices and free shipping that seems to be the norm with online shopping. What is next for a niche e-commerce store such as Wayfair?

Amazon Pricing Strategy and the Pressure on Competitors

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At one point or another you have made an Amazon purchase. The Amazon pricing strategy is what keeps people purchasing. Whatever you were looking for whether it was apparel, toiletries, or electronics, Amazon has it. With the click of a button customers buy exactly what they want a discounted price. Let’s not forget Prime members eligibility for free shipping [...]

Rich Media: The Ultimate Brand Converter

Static photos and regular text are a thing of the past. Rich media has taken over to create a more engaging experience. The need for is essential to any marketing plan. Its design amplifies content beyond pictures and videos keeping customers on your page without being redirected. Some websites are savvier than others including infographics […]

Battle of the Furniture E-Commerce Retailers

Battle of the Furniture E-Commerce Retailers We are in an age where people opt for e-commerce retailers versus physical locations. It’s more convenient to shop online. For one, you can browse hundreds of products and compare them to similar styles with the click of a button. Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair are three that stand out […]

Selling Through Walmart: How To become A Supplier For Walmart

How to become a supplier for Walmart 4 steps

A dream of many small businesses is to sell their products through Walmart. Unfortunately, many businesses never realize the dream. Many potential vendors do not know about the supplier application process or its requirements.  In this process, products are evaluated by Walmart. If accepted, products are placed in stores or online.  In this way, a tiny business can turn into a major […]

Walmart’s Retail Link® Point-Of-Sale Data

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Walmart’s Retail Link® is a comprehensive tool used to pull Point-Of-Sale (POS) data. This data has many uses for retailers who sell through Walmart.  The data predicts buying patterns, trends and inventory management. It ensures supply chain reliability and provides other important information.  POS data goes together with customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Professionals are dedicated to interpreting [...]


This year, e-commerce will change the retail game once again.  In the past, product descriptions, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing were the e-commerce giants.  While those e-commerce tools will remain important, new significant technologies will emerge in 2017.  The newest trends come from previous innovations.  New platforms including Chat Bots, Augmented Reality (AR) […]


      Walmart’s Marketplace is constantly looking to add valuable suppliers to its network. If you are lucky, you might receive an invitation to join their Marketplace.  Marketplace enables small businesses to reach a projected 80 million consumers.  In addition to a major audience reach, small businesses can sell their products alongside Walmart and […]

Walmart is Saying Goodbye to Shipping Pass, Revealing a New Customer Friendly Free Shipping Program

In a highly competitive retail environment, Amazon and Walmart have used varied strategies to outdo each other. Often, these tactics include creating responses to the other’s popular services.  Walmart Shipping Pass tried to compete with Amazon Prime.  The program ended this week.  Instead, Walmart unveiled a new shipping policy.  Could this new policy have an […]

Optimize Your Product Descriptions for Amazon

If you’ve bought anything online in the past year, chances are a number of your purchases were through Amazon. The e-commerce retail giant has changed the face of retail through its innovative and competitive business practices. Millions of users flock to the site intending to purchase products. In many ways, Amazon acts as a search […]

SEO Trends You Need To Know For 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool businesses use to stay ahead of the competition. In its simplest form, it helps a site’s content rise in search rankings. As with most things, SEO is far more complicated than that. The information and customer behaviors that inform optimization efforts change constantly. Algorithms and AI structures evolve […]

Walmart and Jet: A Match Made in Heaven?

Earlier this year, Walmart acquired Jet for $3.3 billion. At first glance, the two companies use opposite retail models. Walmart owns the brick-and-mortar space while Jet relies on e-commerce. At the time, most focused on what Jet could offer Walmart. Of course, after a closer look, the American retail giant has just as much to […]

The Forgotten Value of Publicity

Often confused with its counterpart, advertising, publicity is much more powerful. Specifically, publicity uses direct communication with the media. News releases and email sent out are usually free to a company. On the other hand, advertising can be very expensive for a one time ad in a major newspaper or magazine. But, advertising can guarantee the content, […]