Your E-Commerce Solution

With our extensive knowledge and experience, Eighteen Knowledge Group can build the perfect e-commerce strategy for your business. Navigating the online marketplace can be difficult, but we have the answers. If you want to extend your reach into the online marketplace, we can help.

Types of companies we proudly served

Eighteen Knowledge Group is a perfect partner to..

“Help Brands Who Have Complex Marketing and Operation Needs Maximize ROI on Wholesale and Retail Strategies.”

The Way We Do It

We Plan. Then, We Execute.

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is a STRATEGY expert. We build and execute sales operations practices and fresh marketing strategies.

We Create.

We produce outstanding optimized content, analyze cost & sales data and build promotions. We know our way with all eCommerce and in-store platforms.

We do not guess. We Measure.

We are a data driven company. We invest in technologies to measure our metrics.

We Adopt. We Change.

We have more than one trick up our sleeves. We are agile and make rapic tactic changes at a moment’s notice.


Meet Our Experts


Sharon Shichor

Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Shichor is the Founder and CEO of EKG.

Idit Bernstein

Creative Analytics Manager
Idit Bernstein is EKG’s Creative Analytics Manager.
Sam Content Writter

Samantha Caro

Junior Content Creator
Samantha Caro is EKG’s Junior Content Creator.

Joe Hopper

Creative Insparation
Joe Hopper is EKG's Creative Inspiration.
Shay Ohayon SEO

Shay Ohayon

SEO Specialist
Shay Ohayon is EKG’s SEO Guru

Jenny Kritchevski

Data Analyst
Jenny Kritchevski is EKG’s Data Analyst


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