Even the best products do not sell themselves. Promoting your brand and business is all about offering the right information to your potential customer. These days, the consumer is more knowledgeable than ever before. With all the answers literally at their fingertips, people research products and company information before buying. They want to be as informed as possible before they decide on their purchase. You want your business to stand out and provide the information and become the customer’s leading choice in your industry. To be that business, you must employ a promotional strategy that utilizes multiple platforms and communications to reach your intended customer.

Promotions mix combines resources across five interconnected elements: advertising, publicity, sales promotions, direct marketing and personal selling. There are more than a few ways to achieve a balance of these strategies. If you’re not sure where to start, that’s where we come in. EKG is a leader in promotional mix strategies. Our team of dedicated marketers can craft data driven promotion strategies for your brand. We analyze data of your target audience to create promotion campaigns that will increase traffic, interest, generate sales and brand loyalty. All our methods are backed by years of experience and we are continually learning. We know how the most minute detail can impact the decision of a prospective customer. That’s why we formulate your brand messaging and make sure it remains consistent across all channels. Whether that’s through actual marketing material or through a sales promotion across different points of the buying journey. We understand all the different communications channels. We use each to communicate your brand’s message and to show how your product differs from the rest.

Using multiple channels to sell your product affords you higher chances of reaching your target market. We collect all the data and analytics from your prospective and current customers to craft specifically targeted promotional mix strategies. We determine your target market, segment each of the groups if necessary, and decide on the right mix of promotions that will target all audiences in a nuanced way. Each channel requires a specific type of communication and strategy and the EKG team specializes in understanding each one. We are dedicated to getting your product into the hands of your consumer and creating happy, repeat customers.

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