Eighteen Knowledge Group has all the tools to get you started. If your dream is to get your products on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and all the other retail giants, we’ve got you covered. We have vast experience on-boarding new items, developing retail team communications, managing cost and supply chain, as well as promotions mix. We will build your online sales strategies from the ground up. We will help streamline the operations processes through timely product on-boarding and managing logistics. We develop and maintain relationships with the buying teams. We update, analyze data and improve your overall visibility. Your business will be fully optimized as EKG will help you navigate every retailer, from Amazon to Walmart, effectively and efficiently.

We collaborate with you to reach your goals. We create a plan tailored to your specific business or project. We know each and every one of our clients do things differently, so we focus on understanding your wants and needs. We interpret those into a campaign that spans every facet of your business and maintains your company message. Each and every piece of the campaign must be consistent. Your content and branding must coincide with your pricing strategy and internal operations. We help you streamline that by offering consistency to your business operations. And if you already sell online, we can help maximize your results. EKG will add extra value to your current operations. We can help make your business more efficient and drive your company to the top of your industry.

EKG is always providing results. We are data-driven. We are always looking over the results and optimizing our process. If the numbers are good, then we work even harder to make them better. We are constantly analyzing data, staying on top of trends and techniques so that we can develop the best strategy to maximize conversions and profits online. The eCommerce space is all about constant learning, optimizing and innovating. That is our core initiative in assisting your company become the best that it can be. We want to help you sell your products online. We leverage all of our knowledge to help you do just that. Get access to multiple retailers with us on your side. We have connections with every big box retailer and marketplace. You’ll have your product on the shelves of every store and online marketplace you can think of. EKG can make your online sales goals a reality.

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