Wayfair is one of the largest furniture eCommerce retailers and if your products are part of the home furnishing market, there’s no better place to sell. Eighteen Knowledge Group can help you onboard your products to Wayfair’s marketplace and become one of the many goods that they sell. Despite all of the competition, we know how we can best optimize your logistics and product content to make you stand out from the rest. You need to have the best pictures, descriptions, and overall content that entices customers to buy. With Wayfair’s reputation for being a reputable retailer, your brand will capitalize on its loyal fan base.

EKG is your team of Wayfair experts. We have spent years cultivating relationships with buyers. We understand the different processes and on-boarding logistics necessary to bring your products into the marketplace successfully. We optimize your product descriptions and images to get your products off the shelves and into the hands of consumers. When people search for a product online, they are usually ready to purchase. That means your product must be ready and look as professional and useful as it does in-person. EKG knows how to target your correct audience and leverage Wayfair’s systems to gain the maximum ROI. We learn all the essentials and dive in deeper, so you don’t have to navigate the confusing systems. Wayfair has all anyone could ever need in-home. We make it our priority to understand how their system works.

We craft personalized ad campaigns that strengthen your product’s brand. We make sure that customers find your brand through organic search and PPC. We optimize your product for the mobile consumer. A large group of shoppers tends to buy their products while on mobile. You want to make sure your products are suited for both web and mobile shopping. That means making sure you have images and product details for your customers. EKG knows both Wayfair and your customer. We are the liaison between you and the retailers as well as the consumers. We make sure everything runs smoothly on both ends of the spectrum. We have spent years working with Wayfair to make your products stand out from the rest.