EKG is a leading expert in streamlining client stock goals on Walmart accounts. As Walmart Suppliers you are required to adhere to strict in-stock targets to stay on track with your Walmart buyer’s expectations. Whether you are on a weekly replenishment program or ship seasonal, it is vital for your brand to reduce lost sales. Get access to endless data for your business with the help of EKG. EKG works hard to satisfy Walmart’s high demands of their suppliers for its customers. We have built and cultivated strong relationships within the supplier and retail community to assist our clients. We are ready to consult with you and address your specific business needs. We work with brands at the start of their partnership with Walmart and those that already have established relationships with these retailers. We work to optimize your processes and every detail of your product management. Our top-notch team are experts in Walmart’s lingo. We will manage all aspects of your Walmart account. Our teams work daily on an endless list of Walmart related services: Data Reporting, POS Data Mining, Inventory Management, and Forecast Building and Maintaining.

We provide detailed analytics of your entire businesses based on extensive data gained from Walmart’s systems. We focus on all key metrics in day-to-day changes, from top products to what needs improvement. From there we are able to create a strategy that best suits your needs. Our skilled Data Scientists are capable of collecting and interpreting your sales and inventory data. Your team can depend on us to collate data reports and communicate actions for your buying teams. We will help manage your supply chain and inventory. We track inventory movement across all sales channels and make the necessary updates along the way. We provide the experience and skills necessary in growing a perfect return on investment.