Content Marketing

EKG is a successful content marketing strategist. We research your target audience and plan our efforts accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing the way search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your web page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story. It provides a channel of direct communication to potential customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is part of a business day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month marketing efforts. We create the perfect email content.

Optimizing Strategies

EKG stays up-to-date on all the new trends in digital marketing strategies. We optimize ourstrategies to best benefit your business.

Staying Relevant

If consumers can’t find your company online, then they won’t find your products. You’ll lose customers to a more digital ready competitor. We can keep your company up-to-date.

Selling Your Products Online

Eighteen Knowledge Group has all the tools to get you started. If your dream is to get your products on Amazon, all the other retail giants, we can help.

Pricing Strategy

Eighteen Knowledge Group is your team of pricing and promotions specialists. We understand the importance of pricing strategies.

Promotions Mix

Even the best products do not sell themselves. Promoting your brand and business is all about offering the right information to your potential customer.

Influencer Programs

Sometimes it is not enough to be the only spokesperson for your own company or brand. You need others to help promote it for you.

Product Description

Writing great product description isn’t just about capturing the audience attention, though that is an essential aspect.

Omnichannel Management

Achieving success both In Stores and Online requires planning. We look at inventory storage so that we can perfect inventory management.

Inventory Management

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) will partner with your business to establish solutions that will meet your brand’s needs.

Well-Established Brands

We have assisted major brands transition to selling their products online across national retailers.


Virtual access allows anyone to find your business. Customers who would otherwise be unaware of your company can search online and find you.


We are experienced with on-boarding new items into big retailer systems and supply chain management.


EKG is a leading expert in streamlining client stock goals on Walmart accounts. Get access to endless data for your business with the help of EKG.


EKG can help startup companies build brand awareness and compete to become the next big thing.

Walmart Retail Link

Walmart sellers have access to the all-encompassing tool Retail Link®, a comprehensive system that helps predict buyer’s patterns.

Brands Inspired to Penetrate the US Market

We have successfully worked with international brands to get their products in the hands of a new audience.


We understand innovation. EKG is always on the look out for the newest products to market for the future.

Walmart Seller Scorecard

Walmart provides Sellers with a Scorecard, which allows you to see how your business ranks in comparison to others in the marketplace.

Big Box Wholesalers

Want to sell on Walmart or Amazon? We are the liaison between your company and all major retailers.


It would be impossible to sell online without considering the massive ecommerce marketplace that is Amazon.


Wayfair is one of the largest furniture ecommerce retailers. EKG can help you on-board your products to Wayfair’s marketplace

Sales Rep Groups

We can help train your team to maximize their skill sets to generate more sales.


We can help with on-boarding products into new systems and managing imports from international markets.