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Product Visibility


Good product descriptions are essential to product visibility. Customers need a reason to select your product from the millions of offers on the web.

Content Writing


Customers look to descriptions for information about products. The best content does more than that. It convinces the buyer that they need the product.



EKG is committed to providing you with the best content possible. Our writers craft informative descriptions to grab your customer’s attention.

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SEO Descriptions

Writing great product description isn’t just about capturing the audience attention, though that is an essential aspect. Our writers adhere to strict Search Engine Optimization guidelines so that your product is attractive to search engines. We’ll make sure you reach your customer.

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Leading Sites

Eighteen Knowledge Group has provided content for leading sites such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and more. We are writing content experts. We know your customers and tailor our content to connect with them and ensuring sales.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Professionally written copy attracts the perfect customer and enhances their experience. If you have all your product images and catalog set up perfectly, your descriptions must be the same. EKG can help with that.

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Detailed and Informative

A good product description is all about detail. Using detailed analytics, Eighteen Knowledge Group works to understand your audience so we can better catch their attention. Our product descriptions will answer their questions and enlighten them about all the highlights so they will make the purchase.

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Latest News

Follow our LinkedIn company page for our latest research and daily updates on the importance of the science behind Product Description. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) also writes daily on the ins and outs of Retail Analytics.

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Omnichannel Strategy 70%

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Get access to endless data for your business with the help of EKG.

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EKG can help your business build a relationship with Walmart.

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We can help you sell your products on all major retailers.


We provide complete OmniChannel solutions to build your strategy.

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EKG can help you lower inventory costs for perfect ROI.

Product Description

We have solutions for your company’s Product Description and Content Marketing needs.