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omnichannel boutique

Multichannel Approach


Omni Channel Retail provides the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping in stores or online. Retailers seek their suppliers’ partnership to achieve that.


Manufacturers, brand owners and wholesalers are all figuring out the logistics for their omni channel strategies across all sectors of business. Omni channel changes everything.



Eighteen Knowledge Group can help you manage your omni channel strategy. We provide complete solutions from building your strategy to action plans and multichannel management.

Omni Channel Goals
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Achieving success both In Stores and Online requires planning. We look at inventory storage so that we can perfect inventory management. After we have made the necessary changes, then we plan all the logistics required.

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Omni Channel Goals

Our team at Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) can help power the e-commerce channel of your brand. We know how important it is for your e-commerce channel to start on the right foot whether you’re a new brand or an established business.

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Retailer Partnerships

Our full-service fulfillment experts work together with Big Box retailers to provide your brand with accurate logistics and sophisticated warehouse and order management. We make sure that your brand meets the demands of today’s market with our multi-channel support.

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Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is your flexible full service fulfillment boutique We handle low to high volume brands and provide sophisticated, unique services to meet your company’s needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals know exactly what to do to get the best results.

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Follow our LinkedIn company page for our latest research and daily updates on Omni Channel Strategies. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) also writes daily on the ins and outs of Retail Analytics.

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Promotions Mix 70%
Cost Strategy 95%
Content Management 80%
Ecommerce & In-Store Management 90%
Omnichannel Strategy 70%

Walmart Retail Link

Get access to endless data for your business with the help of EKG.

Walmart Suppliers

EKG can help your business build a relationship with Walmart.

Selling Online

We can help you sell your products on all major retailers.


We provide complete OmniChannel solutions to build your strategy.

Inventory Management

EKG can help you lower inventory costs for perfect ROI.

Product Description

We have solutions for your company’s Product Description and Content Marketing needs.