Should Retailers Compete Against Amazon?

Amazon logo in the sky above a city

Amazon is definitely no push over in comparison to their competition. The e-commerce behemoth is the largest in the world and seems to be swallowing everything in its path. While it’s true there’s no way to compete with Amazon head-on, unless the business is a massive brick-and-mortar store like Walmart, there are other ways to […]

Is Content Still King?

It is simply not enough to market your brand by advertising sales to your customers. Consumers want there to be a relationship beyond a purchasing transaction. Gathering relevant information and presenting it to your customers can help create that connection. Content curation turns your brand into an authority. By offering useful information instead of constantly marketing your […]

E-Commerce and Snacks: Who’s Buying?

Tubes of candy lined up beside each other

With their long shelf life, ease of shipping and relatively inexpensive prices, snacks are purchased more frequently on the internet. Considering the ease of access, it is not at all difficult to understand why the candy and snack industry is the largest sector of the e-commerce market. From “ready-to-eat” meal replacements, to daily indulgence foods, consumers […]

Benefits of Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon vendor central for businesses

Amazon’s Vendor Central is an all-inclusive platform for suppliers to manage sales and products to hundreds of millions of customers. Vendor Central handles process from beginning to end from buying and storing inventory to shipping and handling. Being an Amazon vendor is a prestige title with it being invite only. Looking further into Amazon Vendor […]

The Evolution of Wayfair: What’s Next?

Blue Wayfair couch sitting next to a plant may have went public in 2014, but the furniture empire was created 15 years prior by college roommates Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. The evolution of Wayfair has resulted in it becoming a one stop shop in the U.S. home goods market with a vast selection of products. Home furnishings are sold not just […]

Alibaba vs. Amazon: Alibaba a Threat to Amazon?

E-commerce packages from Amazon and Alibaba

When it comes to dominating e-commerce, Amazon instantly pops into mind. Alibaba is not far behind as they dominate China. Alibaba vs. Amazon, who wins? In 2014 when Alibaba went public, they had a net worth of $230 billion. Amazon had approximately $150 Billion. Alibaba may have been beating out Amazon, but in 2015 they […]

The Amazon Pricing Strategy and the Pressure on Competitors

hand trading cash for product

At one point or another you have made an Amazon purchase. The Amazon pricing strategy is what keeps people purchasing. Whatever you were looking for whether it was apparel, toiletries, or electronics, Amazon has it. With the click of a button customers buy exactly what they want a discounted price. Let’s not forget Prime members eligibility for free shipping […]